York, Hildebrand, nichols, vechery are all proven losers. See below - their link to criminals, pedophiles and registered sex offenders from their Vegas Hospitality business. Vechery's partner is doing life in prison.

Predictable WINNING MONEY CASES COMING now that Vechery and his gang of hired con-men are beginning to get what they deserve

VECHERY & KAPP Committed Multiple Pre-Meditated (RICO) Frauds by engineering a massive on-line defamation campaign on Yahoo Finance, Youtube and InvestorHub against Greg Halpern, Halpern's business associates, family, friends, investors, and MAX-D's 20,000+ long shareholders. They intentionally designed their campaign WITH 100% known lies THAT THEY LEAKED DAILY ON STOCK CHAT BOARDS BY ENGAGING COMMON CRIMINALS WITH THE ONLY PURPOSE BEING TO HIDE THEIR OWN NUMEROUS CRIMES AND ENDLESS BUSINESS FAILURES WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY ATTEMPTING TO DESTROY GREG HALPERN'S STELLAR 43-YEAR CAREER AND ILLEGALLY TRYING TO STEAL HIS SUPER MAJORITY SHAREHOLDER POSITION. THEIR CAMPAIGN HAS INCLUDED HIRING PRIVATE EYES TO ILLEGALLY FIND EXPOSED ADDRESSES OF INNOCENT FAMILY MEMBERs, FRIENDS, and investors and then having their hired criminal bashers go online and make death-threats and promises of jail which they unwittingly Documented with a clear trail of their own evidence against themselves.

VECHERY's FIVE DECADE HISTORY OF FAILUREs has lost most of his wifes 190+ Million Dollar Estate

1) Ramon De Sage is Serving life in prison- This is Vechery's Partner in the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in Las Vegas History. Vechery lost 30+ Million in this deal. Their business Address in Las Vegas has convicted and Registered Sex Offenders and felons.This is just one of many Criminal problems Vechery has.

Vechery either knew De Sage was a practicing homosexual pedophile or was himself part of that. Maybe that's why Vechery has a really tough time getting through any conversations without talking about Penises. More people are coming forward on this and we don't expect to see any of it refuted.

The entire online gang Vechery employs to try to defame Halpern with 100% known lies includes Convicted Sex offenders, and various other misdemeanors and Felonys. including frauds in securities and insurance among others.

BTX periodically sends and posts Homophobic, racial, and anti-semetic slurs and comments to Halpern. An inventory of Vechery doing all this and more has been collected and is soon to be provided online and to authorities.

Alfred Hildebrand AND HIS FAKE CLONE OF WILLIAM YORK'S DERIVATIVE ACTION OF VECHERY'S 100% Fake case has been defaulted. So now there is no derivative case.

Vechery was ordered to get permission from the bankruptcy Court to Restart the case but it is all a farce. There is no case. Halpern and MAXD expects to soon step forward with the most feared Securities Lawyer in Southern california.

This is a big money case for Halpern and MAXD to bring down the entire gang and make them pay dearly for their easily provable crimes. It's great that this lawyer has won millions with a specialty that includes Securities Fraud. Even the S.E.C. paid him almost a million dollars for calling them out.

It's game over for these clowns.

MAXD has accumulated a large inventory of evidence that these rotten apples have unwittingly provided.

the parties below will be discussed eventually. The problem Vechery and his con men now face is the list below includes so much fraud it could take several years to bring all this out. Vechery actually paid some of these names below to try to manipulate stock. Those con men then, broke other laws and left huge trails of other angry people.

Halpern and MAXD has kept great records and intends to continue to release all of it until Vechery, Kapp and their merry con men have to spend the rest of their life answering to it and paying every last dime of their money in damages.

2) Cadeu Express Inc.

3) Jean Yves Mastey

4) Alexia Alexander Corp.

5) Christopher Boyle

6) Star Laboratories

7) Mark Vlassopulos

8) ACV

9) 8th Wonder

10) Jeff Stowers

11) Awakenings

12) Kurt Benjamin

13) Erez Brak

14) Christ Christenson

15) Harold Blaisure

16) Alfred Hildebrand

17) Devine Mafa

18) Michael Sherman

19) Mickey Shapiro

20) Grace Roeder

21) Tip Solutions

22) Tom Lallas

23) Key brands

24) Joseph Nicosia

25) Sean O'Keefe

26) William york